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A Guide to Shipping Container Conditions

shipping containers

Are you considering buying a shipping container? This purchase can be compared to buying a car with the amount of thought you need to put into your decision. When buying a car, information is readily available, with multiple outlets to help you make an informed decision. Container shopping, however, can be overwhelming with the limited number of experts out there.

Feel free to read through this guide our team here at McLaren Container Sales have put together to help you learn about shipping containers of different types and pros and cons of each type.

Used Containers

If you need a low cost way for short term storage on a budget, and do not mind some minor flaws on the container, used containers can be a great option. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the different options of used containers, but we have compiled them here for your convenience. Here’s an overview:

  • The best low cost option is the as-is container. This is the lowest grade of container, and refurbishment might not be an option. Dents, broken floors and holes are common on this grade of container. While they might be a great deal as far as price goes, it is not recommended for storage.
  • The next grade up from the as-is containers will be the wind water tight (WWT) containers. No leaks and working doors mean these containers are best for storage needs, but do not have an extended service life. Refurbishment may be possible as these containers are usually defective containers decommissioned from shipping lines.
  • If you need a structurally sound container with doors that function, you will be looking for a cargo worthy (CW) container. Lower service life and in much better condition than as is or WWT containers, CW containers will pass an IICL Marine Survey inspection. McLaren Container Sales acquires these containers directly from shipping lines and they are not decommissioned.


The biggest advantage to purchasing a used container is, of course, price. You can expect to still get 10-20 years of service life out of a CW container. Most depreciation of a container happens in the first five years of service. If a new container is not required for your needs, used containers are an ideal way to save money.

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Rust and dents are commonplace among used containers. Refurbishment is possible so buying a used container can be worth the investment in the long run. If you are planning on building a habitable structure, an inspection is required.

Final Thoughts

Here at McLaren Container Sales, we take pride in offering products that meet our customer’s high standards and demanding needs. Using our unique sourcing methods, we can acquire exactly what you are looking for at the absolute best price in the industry.

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