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Container grades are a measure of the quality of a container. The higher the grade, the better quality of the container. The grade of a container is important to consider when choosing a container because it indicates how well a container will protect its contents. Typically, shipping containers are sturdy, durable, and perfect for just about any need you might have. As Is containers‌ are cheaper, however, they aren’t as sturdy and their reliability can’t be guaranteed. If you have a DIY project in mind or want to protect your valuables, we’d advise purchasing Wind & Water Tight Shipping Containers (WWT) or higher grade to get the most value.

At McLaren Containers, we use different types of shipping container grades when rating the quality of the container. There are four grades that we use to rate the quality. The first and highest grade is New one trip shipping container. The second grade would be Cargo Worthy containers and the third grade is Wind and Water Tight. The fourth and lowest grade is As Is. Please explore the different options on this page, and find out more in detail about each grade of shipping container we have at McLaren Container Sales.

New (One trip container)

cargo containers

21 days - Production Begins

We build each of our new shipping containers to ISO standard in state of the art factories. Each shipping container is put through a rigorous testing and quality control program ensuring perfect tolerances and specifications.

25 days - In Transit to the USA

Once production of the shipping container is complete, it is transported to a local port and cargo is loaded into the container for transport to the U.S. The shipping time from overseas to a U.S. port is approximately three weeks.

10 days - US Customs Clearance

With any cargo transported from a foreign country to the United States, the cargo has to pass through the U.S. Customs agencies. This process can take up to ten days for a container to clear customs depending on how busy the port is with new deliveries. Once the shipping container is passed by customs, it is stored at the port until a freight forwarder can pick up the full container.

25-30 days - First Shipment Completed and Cargo Delivered

A delivery is scheduled with the customer who ordered the cargo in the container. This process can take twenty-one to thirty days. An intermodal truck will pick up the container from the port and deliver it to its destination. The cargo is then unloaded and the empty container is brought back to our distribution facility.

1-5 days - Container Returned and Available for Purchase

The new container has just completed its first and only 1 trip as a cargo container, unless the purchaser of the container wishes to ship cargo elsewhere. Most customers use the new container for storage and some even build new homes out of cargo containers. The ideas for cargo containers are endless, and are a great investment.

Cargo Worthy Containers

used ship container for sale

If shipping cargo is the main reason you are purchasing a Cargo Worthy shipping container, please let us know that when purchasing the container. While these shipping containers lifespans are in the early stages, they might not be certified for overseas shipping and will have to be recertified for international shipping. Just one step down from a new container, these are great for someone needing a newer container at a great price.

Wind and Watertight Containers

used ship container for sale

As the name implies, these containers are still windproof and waterproof even after up to 15 years of cargo service life. Wind & Water Tight containers have functioning door seals, intact floors with no holes, clean interiors and only some minor dents and rust on the outside. Sure, the paint may be a little faded, but the savings in purchasing a Wind & Water Tight container is well worth it.

As Is

used ship container for sale

If you are purchasing a container on a budget, then an as-is container might be what you are looking for. These units are un-certified and we can sell them at a discount. As long as you are storing items that do not have to be protected from the elements, the as-is container is the best value for you. Let us find exactly what you need, and if the as-is container is a viable option for you.


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