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After completing purchasing your container, the next step is to prep your site for delivery. On this page, we have provided you with some requirements and recommendations to help make the delivery of your container go as smooth and quick as possible. Knowing what conditions need to be met ahead of time will streamline the delivery process. Letting our team know of any adverse conditions before delivery will help us to coordinate better with the delivery company.

The most common shipping method of containers is the flat bed tilt trailer. These trucks with tilting trailers will maneuver the container into place and have the container roll off the tilted bed. The all in one tilt bed truck is used for 20’ shipping container deliveries and will need at least 60’ of straight line clearance to safely complete delivery. A longer tilt bed trailer pulled by a truck is the method used for the 40’ container. This type of truck will need about 100’ of straight line clearance for a safe delivery. Make sure to have an anchor point available for the container to be chained to so that it can roll off the tilt trailer as the driver pulls away.

Please let our team know beforehand, which way you would like the doors to be facing when the container is offloaded. You don’t want to get the container to your location and find out that when the container rolls off the trailer, the doors will be facing a direction that will be blocking them from being used. Let us know if you want “doors forward” or “doors to the rear”. Doors forward mean the doors will be the last thing to roll off the trailer and doors to the rear mean they will be the first thing rolling off the trailer. You would want doors forward if you are placing the container up against something such as another structure, fence or barn.


Requirements for truck delivery


Space for Wide Turns

When choosing the site to drop your container; remember that these trucks make wide turns. Please ensure that there is enough space for the driver to safely turn and maneuver his truck to set your container in the desired location.

Hard Road/Surface

To avoid the driver refusing to deliver at your location, please make sure there are no soft surfaces such as sand, mud or wet grass. Any surface that a truck weighing 45,000 lbs. could potentially sink and get stuck in, we would like to avoid.

Space to Drop Container

The truck will need at least 60 feet for a 20 foot container drop and 100 feet for 40 foot containers to maneuver after the container is dropped. This gives the driver space to turn around and drive away once delivery is completed.

Height Clearance

Please ensure that there are no low hanging branches, power lines or other obstructions that the truck could hit due to its high clearance. The truck is almost 14 feet tall before it tilts, and can reach up to 16 feet tall at its peak.

Recommended Container foundations


Firm Ground

Firm and level ground

Wood Cross Members

Level 4”x4” Cross Ties or Rail Road Ties. We recommend 3-4 beams for 20’ container and 6-8 for 40” container.

Solid Blocks

Level heavy duty concrete block on 4 corners of containers
for sale


Level concrete slab or foundation

Important Key Points for Your Foundation

  • Foundation must be flat & level for doors to function properly.
  • A high & dry foundation will significantly extend the life of the container floor.
  • Firm and stable foundation that will not settle over time.
  • Failure to follow these Key points will cause premature damage and a reduced usable life span for your Container.

Delivery Policy

We outsource our delivery of containers to local third party trucking companies. As long as your delivery site is prepped and ready to receive the container the delivery should take no longer than 15 to 30 minutes once the driver arrives at the site. If, for any reason, the driver cannot safely deliver the container, the customer may still be charged a fee for attempted delivery. If the driver has to wait more than 30 minutes to deliver, additional wait time fees could be assessed. The customer and driver make all decisions on site regarding safety. McLaren Container Sales is not liable for any damages or injuries made by third party trucking companies during delivery.

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