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How Shipping Containers Homes Are Made: Step By Step Process

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This blog state everything you need to know about converting a shipping container into a tiny house. We examine what makes shipping containers so useful, what disadvantages they have and how they can be converted into tiny houses.

Before you start building, you should sit down and decide how to make your shipping container as small as possible. Like any other type of structure, the first step in creating a shipping container shelter is to build the foundations and set up the utilities. Next, the most important part of the construction of the ship container shelter is due: the building of the house itself.

The securing of the foundations of the shipping container should also be considered, for example by welding or hooking it in. It is also recommended to carry out some cutting, welding and reinforcement work on the site before moving to the new site.

If the preparation of the shipping container construction site is not carried out properly beforehand, it can lean back and sink into the water. During the washing process, rinse the inside of your shipping containers and form puddles of water on the floor, but not too much.

One of the advantages of shipping container pools is that they are finished as structures and installed as functioning systems. The shipping containers are manufactured to standard dimensions and thus offer modular elements that can be combined to form larger structures. The transport containers are manufactured with standard dimensions and as such the transport boxes are a modular element that you can combine to create larger structures such as a warehouse, office building or even a hotel room.

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Note that the changes to the shipping container add enough weight to the structure to make changing a 40-ft shipping container more difficult than lifting it with a forklift. Ideally, you need at least two or three large containers and one or two smaller containers to prepare the shipping containers on site.

Now that the sides of the container are made, construct the front and back of the container and spray the bottom of the container with waterproof sealant.

Often people cannot even say what they see on the side of a shipping container until the door is removed. Corten steel is processed into corrugated walls and the process begins with unrolling the steel and cutting it into pre-measured sheets, depending on the size of the transport containers. The corrugated pattern of a container is offset, but is not really suitable for the beautiful design elements of the container. As soon as you start turning a container into a house, the problems accumulate.

Getting the right papers and permits can be difficult if you forget them, especially if a shipping container home is not the norm. In some cases, the process of container construction is stopped before it even begins.

To convert a shipping container into an office or home, a specialist must draw up the plans and successfully carry out the project. Turning your shipping containers into a workplace at home is not a do-it-yourself project that anyone can start. If you have the slightest architectural or structural idea, building a shipping container pool is no big deal.

The shipping containers made of Corten steel are covered with a corrosion-resistant paint when they are first erected. The container is then painted using a special automated process, in which it is painted with a mixture of paint, water, sand and a combination of chemicals.

The use of shipping containers as a foundation for the construction enables the restaurant construction to be turned around in the shortest possible time without the floor and brick construction. It allows to order, prefabricate and install the transport container quickly and easily.

The door locking mechanism may not be familiar to new shipping container users and it can be a bit tricky when you are there for the first time. Learn more about converting shipping containers into tiny houses and how it works. 

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