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Shipping Containers Grades – How To Choose Right One?

shipping container grades

Shipping containers come in varying sizes and designs, and you should get the best in the market. These are types of containers with strength apt to withhold storage, handling, and shipment. The containers you will come across for sale vary from reusable steel containers great for intermodal shipments to the standard corrugated container.

With the high demand for shipping containers, it’s not that easy to choose the best designs for sale. You may find the entire process daunting and challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. Vendors offering shipping containers for sale are widespread, but you have to work with the best.

shipping container gradesThe first step to your search for the best shipping container for sale is working with a trustworthy company. This should be a reliable vendor who has been in the business for several years and understands what it takes to satisfy clients’ needs. The vendor you visit should wholeheartedly guide you on which shipping containers sizes or types will serve your needs the most

A visit to the container yard and a look at the different shipping containers for sale will clear your doubts. When it is available, go on and examine as many containers as possible and opt for a particular grade of container that will satisfy your needs and preferences.

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Choosing the Best Shipping Containers-Everything to Know

With the number of vendors in the market and containers for sale, buying a container may be taxing. But fret not, here are a few factors to guide you in your endeavors. Have a look:

Right Sizes

Containers come in varying sizes, and you should pick one that suits your needs. The standard shipping containers sizes are the 20ft and the 40ft shipping container. There’s also an option to purchase a high cube container which will give you an additional 1ft in ceiling height.

shipping container gradesThe varying shipping containers sizes are great for multi-modal transportation and to store a large amount of cargo. The container of choice should provide ample space to store the shipped goods.

Structural Frame

The shipping container you opt for should well-built and made of the best material which is corrosion-resistant. Containers made of steel are great for outdoor use as they are corrosion resistant and sturdy enough for daily use.

Condition of the Container

Pick a wind and watertight or cargo worthy container over a type that the vendor will describe “as is” grade. Choose a container that will be in good condition and keep your goods safe. Check the exterior walls, roof, doors, and interior of the available shipping containers.


The pricing of shipping containers for sale will vary from one vendor to another. The price will significantly vary depending on the age, condition, type and location of the containers.

As a buyer, you are in the pole position to decide whether to choose new or used containers. Feel free to compare shipping container prices from one vendor to another and go for cargo container types or sizes that fit into your budget.

Don’t have any worries inspecting the available shipping containers for sale at McLaren Container Sales LLC. You will find containers in all sizes and type.

Pick a design that will satisfy your specific purposes. With this in mind, give Mclaren Container Sales a call today 800-977-9984 to get a quote for the available shipping container, and store you shipped goods stress-free today.


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